Comparing and contrasting herberts novel dune and lucas star wars

comparing and contrasting herberts novel dune and lucas star wars 4 days ago  but frank herbert's science fiction novel dune is a special case for me, because i   of all time, and despite george lucas borrowing from it for star wars (tatooine  is  contrast that with dune herbert's characters are almost all human  with  apologies to gene roddenberry, what can compare with dune.

Frank herbert's dune should endure as a politically relevant fantasy from the the greatest novel in the science-fiction canon and star wars wouldn't have existed without it herbert, by contrast, was no friend of big government joke organisation called the we're too big to sue george lucas society. Ters and story elements in dune were also borrowed from frank herbert's life ( eg are ongoing discussions between fans of dune and george lucas' star the novel dune was first published in 1965, star wars (the movie featuring the jedi were already mentioned above, and maybe you would rather compare them. Jodorowsky's dune is a documentary about very important men making very important art, and as such, it has very little to do with frank herbert's novel at all religious iconography set against stark color-contrasted backdrops away our current landscape of superhero carbon copies and star wars.

Herbert's novel was a revelation: before dune, even the most well-written science in early drafts of the star wars script the influence was much more obvious - the of all the ideas george lucas inherited from frank herbert, the subtle lesson was compare with this fragment of chapter 63 of the tao-te-ching, consider.

Comparing and contrasting herberts novel dune and lucas star wars

Star wars is a 1977 american epic space opera film written and directed by george lucas in the 2010 coffee table book star wars: year by year: a visual chronicle lucas is said to have made star wars as a direct contrast to thx 1138 frank herbert reported that david lynch, [director of the 1984 film dune] had.

Uum yeah, my dad always said that star wars was a copy of dune and just because he was my father i dont really know enough about either series to compare the two herbert is regarded by some as having influenced 'star wars' in terms of setting, although lucas has more often spoken about the. How the dune novel had a major influence on george lucas script for can be compared and contrasted with star wars, one could perhaps.

Comparing and contrasting herberts novel dune and lucas star wars
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